Current position

Since June 2023 :: Assistant professor (non tenure track), Ifo institute - Munich

Since June 2023 :: Big data junior research group leader, Ifo institute - Munich

Since June 2023 :: Member of the young faculty program, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich (LMU)


2021 :: Ph.D. in Economics, Paris School of Economics, Paris. Advisor: Professor Ekaterina Zhuravskaya.

2018 :: Visiting scholar, University of California, Berkeley. Advisor: Professor Noam Yuchtman.

2014 :: Master of Quantitative Economics, Paris School of Economics – EHESS. Specialization: Public Policy and Development

2011 :: Bachelor of Economics, Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona. Certificate in Advanced Quantitative Methods.

Teaching Experience

2019 :: Advanced Quantitative Methods, Lecturer, Graduate level, IHEAL

2019 :: Advice to master students for their master thesis, Teaching Assistant, Graduate level, IHEAL

2017 – 2019 :: Quantitative Methods for Social Science, Lecturer, Graduate level, IHEAL

2015 – 2018 :: Introduction to micro and macroeconomics, Teaching Assistant, Graduate level, École Centrale-Supélec

2016 :: Development economics, Teaching Assistant, Undergraduate level, SciencePo

2016 :: Gender economics, Teaching Assistant, Undergraduate level, SciencePo

2015 :: Microeconomics, Teaching Assistant, Undergraduate level, Paris 1-La Sorbonne

Professional experience

2022 :: Research consultant, INRIA-Paris research center, France.

2021 :: Research consultant, Humboldt University, Germany

2015 – 2018 :: Founder and chief editor, Kinea on-line popularization magazine

2014 – 2015 :: Research Assistant, Professor Hillel Rapoport

2013 – 2014 :: Research Assistant, Professor Sébastien Lechevalier

2013 :: Intern, Economic Comission for Latin America and the Caribbean, United Nations

2012 :: Expert Moderator on social inclusion and equity, Summit of the Americas Secretariat, OAS

2012 :: Consultant on inequality, poverty and marginalization, Organization of American States OAS

2012 :: Intern, Organization of American States

2008 – 2010 :: Research Assistant, Professor Angels Martinez Castells

2009 :: Research Assistant, Professor Hans Joachim Voth

2008 – 2009 :: Director, Margarida Abril Youth Association for gender equality

Awards, Fellowships, & Grants

2018 :: International Mobility Grant, Paris School of Economics

2015 – 2016 :: Academic excellence grant, Public Education Secretary (SEP), Mexican Government

2014 – 2018 :: Grant for PhD studies abroad, CONACyT, Mexican Government

2012 – 2013 :: Fellowship for graduate studies, Paris School of Economics

2011 :: Best National Undergraduate Thesis, Spanish Ministry of Education

Presentations (selection)

2023 :: EEA ESEM; SSRC Workshop on the Economics of Social Media; CESifo Venice Summer Institute: The Economic Analysis of Critical Junctures; AFSE Annual Congress; ZEW-ifo Young Scholar political economy Workshop.

2022 :: EEA ESEM; New Data and Methods for Migration Studies

2021 :: Applied Young Economist Webinar (AYEW); Society for Institutional & Organizational Economics; 69th Congress of the French Economic Association (AFSE).

2020 :: HiCN annual workshop: Social unrest and violence in times of pandemics; Applied Economics Lunch Seminar, PSE.

Pre-2020 :: Carlo Alberto PhD workshop; Second axe de recherche du CREDA, IHEAL (as a discussant); Eleventh International Conference on Migration and Development (as a discussant); CEAR conference; ECPR anual conference; SEMID, IHEAL; Doctoral Seminar, PSE; Casual Friday Development Seminar, PSE

Service to the profession and Volunteering

Refereeing: :: European Economic Review British Journal of Political Science

2017 – 2018 :: New empirical Methods reading group, Co-organizer

2017 – 2018 :: Development Film Club, Co-organizer

2014 – 2015 :: Applied Economics Lunch Seminar, Assistant organizer


2019 :: Casanueva Artís, Annalí, Zimmermann, Théo. 2019. “Impact of switching bug trackers: a case study on a medium-sized open source project”. 2019 IEEE International Conference on Software Maintenance and Evolution (ICSME), 2019, pp. 13-23, doi: 10.1109/ICSME.2019.00011.

2010 :: Casanueva Artís, Annalí, Martinez-Castells, Ángels. 2010. “La crisis en femenino plural” (The crisis in plural femenine), Revista de Economía Crítica 9, pp: 53-74. ISSN digital edition: 2013-5254. Media coverage: May 2010, Espurna No 12, pp 19-27; December 2010, Ca la dona No 71.

Computer Skills and Languages

Confident: :: STATA; LaTeX

Basic knowledge: :: Python, GATE, R

Languages: :: Spanish (native), Catalan (native), French (fluent), English (fluent)